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Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting

Walt Disney Pictures have brought to the silver screen a visually stunning, brilliantly acted and beautifully crafted adaptation of children's author Natalie Babbitt’s classic fantasy book, “Tuck Everlasting”. As you can see by my opening remarks, this is a glorious film that I hope you and your family will see together and later read the book together.  This enchanting motion picture, directed by Jay Russell, explores such universal concepts as being young, first love, friendships, growing old and the wonderment of life itself,  that it will  appeal not only to the young, but will steadfastly fascinate audiences of all ages.

Walt Disney Pictures presentation of Tuck Everlasting tells the charming fantasy tale of teenage Winnie Foster (introducing to the screen a superb Alexis Bledel, presently seen as Rory on the WB's “The Gilmore Girls), living in the small town of Treegap, circa 1914, who desires a life away from her wealthy parents, a domineering mother (Amy Irving) and overprotective father (Victor Garber) who have decided to send her to a young girl's finishing school.  Refusing to accept her parent's decision to be sent away and disobeying her parents orders to never leave her locked and gated home near the outskirts of a mysterious forest, Winnie ventures out to explore the local woods for herself where she will make a discovery that will change her life forever.

Promptly finding herself lost in the lush and dream-like inducing woods, she accidentally comes across enigmatic 17 year old Jesse Tuck (Jonathan Jackson) a young man who lives in the forest with his family; an older brother Miles (Scott Bairstow), his gentle and caring parents Mae Tuck (Sissy Spacek) and Angus Tuck (William Hurt) who immediately open their home to the wide-eye Winnie.  The Tuck family is everything Winnie wishes her own family could be, even thought they live a simple nomadic lifestyle, with very modest possessions.  On the surface they are a happy and loving family, until Winnie learns their dark secret, that the water hole that they had discovered decades earlier in the Foster’s now owned forest, have given them everlasting immortality.

Fearing that Winnie has been kidnapped, the Fosters make a desperate deal with the mysterious and ever-ominous character know only as the “Man in the Yellow Suit” (slickly performed by Ben Kingsley).  The Fosters will turn over their acres of forest to the “M.I.T.Y.S.” in exchange for the safe return of the now missing Winnie.  This smiling stranger has a secret of his own - he also knows about the Tucks and their amazing discovery and will do anything to selfishly control the water's life extending properties.  Winnie who finds herself now falling in love with Jesse must now make a decision, drink the water herself to stay forever young with her love, or let him go and live only a normal lifetime.

Tuck Everlasting is a wonderful family film.  It's the kind of film that Disney does best, heartwarming, enchanting and a delight to watch.  Babbitt’s tale about the ability to live forever, never to die, is skillfully treated here as the inevitable cycles of life, that we all will soon grow old. Tuck Everlasting is indeed truly everlasting with captivating performances by Hurt, Spacek, Kingsley and the adorable Alexis Bledel, with visually outstanding cinematography by James L. Carter.  Tuck Everlasting is a sure winner that we hope you will not miss.  And for those who have to ask, yes take some tissues with you - enjoy.  The film is PG and has some scenes of violence.

One last thought, with the cycles of the seasons bringing us the beautiful autumn colors that you can only find in our New England states, especially in Connecticut, remember to take the time to enjoy natures gift to you - now!  As my Uncle Olaf always says “Movies are like the autumn leaves, colorful, vibrant and at any moment like a movie star's popularity - fleeting”.  Hey you film makers, remember to make your next film here in the beautiful state of Connecticut.

Tuck Everlasting

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