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The Truth About Charlie

The Truth About Charlie

Director Jonathan Demme has made a stylish remake of 1963's Charade that starred Carry Grant and Audrey Hepburn.

Set in Paris, as the original, Regina (Thandie Newton) comes home from an island vacation to find her apartment stripped and Charlie, her husband of three months, dead.

From the moment she identifies her husband's body and discovers through an interview with a police investigator that he had a number of false passports, she's descended upon by some pretty strange characters.

Mark Walberg plays Peter, a guy she meets on the island and again when he shows up in Paris, ostensibly to help her out.  A mysterious government agent played by Tim Robbins also offers his help and there's a trio of thugs who claim Charlie ripped them off for a whopping $6 million.  They believe Reggie knows where he hid the loot.

When there's that much cash involved, it's hard to know who to trust, and that becomes the premise of this romantic thriller; who can Reggie trust, and is she really as innocent of her husband's past as she claims?

The Paris setting is exotic and lends itself well to the mystery, but with Demme's choice to use a hand-held camera most of the time, the action is jerky and difficult to follow.

Although Walberg is no substitute for Grant, he is appealing and plays well off Newton.  She, on the other hand, is a perfect Regina, who is constantly flirty, sexy and at the same time innocent looking.  The camera seems to love her.

The world was not clamoring for a remake of the delightful Charade, but if it had to be made, this is a pretty good effort.

The Truth About Charlie

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