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Toruk - The First Flight

Toruk - The First Flight
Cirque Du Soleil

Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: December 11, 2015 Released by:

The new Cirque Du Soleil which opened in Worcester Massachusetts on Friday, December 11th Takes place in a beautiful dangerous place 300 years before the film Avatar takes place.

The stunning backgrounds and flying scenery are stunningly enhanced by the costume workshop headed up by Kym Barrett who designed the costumes for the Leonardo DiCaprio Claire Danes Romeo and Juliet 1996. Her work which was viewed by large film audiences and were the best unique romantic stylings ever on film. The gossamer wings as part of Dane's attire projected the romance and beauty of the relationship between one of literatures most romantic couples.

Here Barrett has the range allowed by Cirque and the over-the-top exotic illusionary clothing and design which adds immensely to the production. The division of Pandora's inhabitants into five clans - Kekunan, Omaticaya, Anural, Timpani and Tawkami each have their own colors and designs. Some with elaborate headdresses while others are covered with organic accessories. Each character has its own look as they fly in the air and run on the stage which varies in shape and elevation from time to time.

As usual 50 to 100 artists are included in the show. This is a magical place filled with athletic performers who climb ropes and sheets and fly from one perch to another over the center of the auditorium. Along with the physical efforts of these spectacular folks there is color, smoke, lights and projected backgrounds which appear quite real to the audience.

The stage floor at one time becomes a streaming river flowing around the center mound where most of the action occurs and using an effective projection the river becomes a volcanic area that appears to thrust and ripple while long wave sounds fill the auditorium giving the feeling of a volcano shaking the land.

With the effects of sound and light stunning creatures appear, wolf like creatures with glowing eyes chase the Omaticaya boys on their journey. Flying creatures fill the sky and send dark shadows over the land and a gigantic flying bird appears that is eventually connected with the characters as it flies. The red and orange predator that rules the sky and eventually flies on to the stage is overwhelming to watch.

The story revolves around Ralu and Entu who are on the road to becoming true Na'vi hunters. They combine with Tsyal as they attempt to save the Tree of Souls from destruction. Following their adventure is an experience that is filled with beauty and excitement.

The staging, costumes and performances compare to the special effects we see in films using green screens and computer effect graphics, but here it takes place in front of the audience and is a fully engrossing to experience.

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