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Tonight Your Mine

Tonight Your Mine
Luke Treadaway, Natalia Tena and Mathew Baynton

Rated: R for language and some sexual material.
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: May 11, 2012 Released by: Roadside Attractions

This new U.K. sonorous rom-com (which takes place over a day) gets noticeable lift from Scotland's 'T in the Park' festival even if a slight, pressed plot might hamper the overall fun of a tattered, yet open frolicsome experience.
Still, diversified auteur David Mackenzie (Hallam Foe, Young Adam) offers up a raucous, atmospheric (retitled for the U.S.) Tonight Your Mine which also benefits from its relatively young headliners - Luke Treadaway and Natalia Tena - from a very brief four-and-a-half day shoot during July 2010.
Treadaway's Adam and Mathew Baynton's Tyko front Californian-based band The Make while Tena's Morello is the lead singer for punk girl group The Dirty Pinks. The forecasting nature of the story begins with a stranger impishly handcuffing Adam to Morello when their groups can't settle their differences.
It doesn't help that Morello and Adam's respective significant others - Alastair Mackenzie's sweet banker Mark and testy supermodel Lake aren't amused by the predicament as the key is still missing with The Dirty Pinks about to begin their scheduled set.
For the college set, there may be enough to hang onto here as the guerilla-style filmmaking captures some of the bustling spontaneity happenings with more than a few wacky folks. Amid the abundance of mud and liquor it's certain that Adam and Morello will begin to find one another less irritating as the camerawork vividly eavesdrop through their entanglements; Treadaway (Attack The Block) and Tena (Mrs. Henderson Presents) play well enough off one another to establish the dichotomy of a pretty well developed relationship given the short running time.
Others may find this loose lark a tad pretentious and self-indulgent feeling a bit ornery like the manager of The Make (Gavin Mitchell) as some of the underlying narrative strands include him and ecology-minded types as done by Sophie Wu and Rebecca Benson, as well as Baynton which feels cutely ad-libbed. The pressure of the shoot ultimately may have handcuffed what could have been less corny like The Runaways or Saving Woodstock. Yet, there's something to be said about Mackenzie having a flair for the power of musicians performing live (for maximum amplification) with the claustrophobia of tents, those port-a-lets and a wild crowd looking for a memorable time. So, it's nice to see Adam and Morello making up for the staged quality of it all when they zestfully turn up on each other's stage.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Tonight Your Mine        C+                  C+ 

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