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Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy
Chris Farley, Brian Dennehy, David Spade, Rob Lowe and Bo Derek

Rated: PG-13 
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: March 31, 1995 Released by: Paramount Pictures Corporation

When Tommy Callahan (Chris Farley) graduates after seven years of college with a D+ average, he returns home to assume his role in Big Tom Callahan's (Brian Dennehy) business. The father an d son look alike (overweight), enjoy a good time, are outgoing and love each other. When they are together they have fun and so does the audience. When Big Tom suddenly dies, the film goes with him.

At one point Tommy says, "I'm nothing but a big jerk," the film is nothing but one silly situation after another, the same joke over and over and over.

Tommy and Richard Hayden (David Spade) dispatch themselves to sell new brake pads for the business, to save it from a takeover by a powerful competitor. The script spends most of its time on the road with the two misfits. They continually say the wrong thing and take actions which repulse rather than impress the folks they attempt to sell to. They even destroy Richard's classic car in the process.

Rob Lowe is the cynical stepson and Bo Derek is Tommy's stepmother. She doesn't have many lines but she remains impressive in a bikini. Lowe looks the part of a degenerate who is not careful enough to keep the secret which he and Derek have between them.

One must be a fan of Farley and Company to enjoy Tommy Boy. If Dennehy's character had lasted longer it might have been fun to watch Tommy and Big Tom carry on in business and with their joy of life.

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Tommy Boy  C                        C 

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