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The Tigger Movie The Tigger Movie

Based on the delightful characters from A. A. Milne's books, Tigger misses knowing his family.  He searches high and low for them and writes a letter hoping to find an uncle, aunt or cousin to call his own.

His friends Piglet, Roo, Owl, Eeyore, and Pooh decide to write a note telling Tigger they care about him, but Tigger thinks it is from his newly found family and reading "between the lines," he expects his family to visit.

So, Tigger remodels his tree house and decorates for a big family reunion party.  His friends can't bear to tell him that they wrote the letter, so they make costumes that make them look like Tigger's relatives, practice being "bouncy" and show up at Tigger's house pretending to be his family.

The animation is colorful and the characters seem to pop off the screen.  Although, the songs are lively, there's no memorable melody.  Each of the animals is unique and their personalities are distinctive.

Tigger is effervescent, (Jim Cummings is the voice talent of both Tigger and Pooh), Eeyore is low-key and Piglet is cute and funny.  Owl is the smart one; Pooh is kind and always hungry; and adorable Roo is the sweet young kangaroo.

Parents will love that there's no scary characters, no bad language or bad behavior.  It has a terrific, uplifting message to boot.

Kids will enjoy the antics of the playful animals and may even learn something by watching a bunch of friends who care and love each other as much as a family does.

The Tigger Movie

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