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Three to Tango

Three actors with hit TV shows make a troublesome trio in this romantic comedy.

Matthew Perry (Friends) plays a Chicago architect who is trying to get a large contract from business tycoon (Dylan McDermott - The Practice) who mistakenly thinks Perry is gay.

McDermott asks him to keep an eye on his mistress (Neve Campbell - Party of Five), a free-spirited artist of whom he's extremely jealous.  Since he believes Perry is a homosexual, he's not worried about his being with the girl.  But, of course he immediately falls in love with her, complicating things a bit.

In order to keep his potential boss happy, Perry has to live the charade he's concocted, with some funny consequences.  His male friends begin to look at him differently, gay men start hitting on him and women tell him their intimate secrets.

This plot could have been taken right out of a 1950's comedy with a few changes.  The debonair tycoon would be Cary Grant or Rock Hudson; the hapless gay friend would be played by someone like Tony Randall or Gig Young.  The female star would have to be pixyish and kooky; a young Shirley McLaine would be perfect.

A terrific use of music between scenes and a lively dance opening gives the film an old fashioned feel.

Campbell is fresh and charming and Perry is very good as the bumbling, unsure young professional.  Only McDermott seems stiff and uneasy with comic material.

There aren't any surprises in the outcome, but the main two characters and the silly situations Perry finds himself in, make Three To Tango a humorous outing.

It is rated PG-13 for sexual talk and obscenities.

Three to Tango

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