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The Three Strooges

The Three Strooges
Chris Diamantopoulos, Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, Jane Lynch and Sofia Vergara

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: April 13, 2012 Released by: Twentieth Century Fox

   Peter and Bobby Farrelly wrote and directed this homage to the comedy trio that was popular in the 1930's.  Larry Fine, Curly and Moe Howard made about 200 short films which highlighted their particular brand of eye-poking, forehead slapping, punch-in-the head knuckle-headed silliness.
       Starring Chris Diamantopoulos is Moe - the one with the bowl haircut, Sean Hayes (T.V.'s Will & Grace) is Larry - the one with wild curls covering his head and Will Sasso is chubby, bald-headed Curly.   Of the three actors, Sasso, with his expressive grimaces, bears the strongest resemblance to the original.
       The plot has three episodes and is set in present day.   The three try to save their childhood orphanage from foreclosure (Jane Lynch costars as Mother Superior),  another gets them embroiled in an attempted murder plot (costarring Sofia Vergara) and the third is a Jersey Shore type takeoff.
       The PG rating is an invitation to bring kids, however since the Stooge's rough horseplay never seems to have consequences or leave any scars, you might think twice before giving them anymore ideas.
       A little of the Stooges goes a long way, as far as I'm concerned.   The hitting, punching and nyuk, nyukking is nostalgic fun at first, but gets old fast.   Perhaps years ago, they knew how to make their audiences want more - make short films!

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The Three Strooges  C   C   D                  C- 

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