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Three of Hearts

Three of Hearts
Sherilyn Fenn, William Baldwin and Kelly Lynch

Rated: R For sexual content.
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: April 30, 1993 Released by: New Line Cinema

Bi buy bye love. All three types are featured in Three of Hearts, which is no ace.

Sherilyn Fenn plays the object of desire for both William Baldwin and Kelly Lynch. Lynch initially is the lesbian lover of Fenn, who hires Baldwin to convince Fenn that she should return to Lynch. Baldwin and Fenn fall in love.

Baldwin continues with his gigolo business and is involved in a number of embarrassing scenes with an older woman who pays him for sex. When Fenn discovers his secret she leaves him.

This could have been an interesting comedy about bisexual relationships by Director Yurek Bogayevicz but it falls flat. To its credit, the ending is not predictable, but that's not enough to produce a winning hand.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Three of Hearts  C-                        C- 

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