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Telefon is a light spy mystery with Charles Bronson and Lee Remick.  The story is sufficiently interesting to keep the attention of the audience.

Sometime during the Stalin era deep-cover Russian agents replaced 55 dead Americans and took over their lives.  The Agents themselves have no idea they are susceptible to a phone call which will trigger them into a suicidal sabotage act.

The CIA is confused to find acts of sabotage occurring in some cases at phased out military locations.  As the film progresses, we also find the existence of the deep-cover agents is not known to the Russian Premiere, but only to a few old officers.  To solve these embarrassing problems in a Détente era, Charles Bronson is called in.  The danger is triggered by Nicoli Dalchinsky, Donald Pleasance, a Russian agent who has gone berserk.  Nicoli, the spy, must be stopped by Greg Baryon, Bronson.  Greg, which is what Lee Remick calls him, is a super agent.  Not unlike James Bond, he is sent with double agent Remick to stop Nicoli.

Across the U.S., Nicoli is triggering the unsuspecting spies into action causing destruction and death.

The CIA and super spy Bronson must determine a pattern in Nicoli's phone calls and stop him before he starts World War III.

The film has no dead spots and moves well.  Director Don SiegeI also produces some interesting effects, in particular, a close-up of Lee Remick's eyes as she kills a Russian spy priest while the high level squeal of his life support system rings out his death.  The Hyatt Regency Hotel as a back drop for one chase is also effective.  The film will provide an enjoyable evening for most viewers.


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