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Teaching Mrs. Tingle

There are some nasty teachers out there, but not many as dysfunctional as Mrs. Tingle.  Director Kevin Williamson has made her determined to destroy certain students' future and eventually unhinged enough to kill them.

The film is without direction; is it a comedy or a semi-horror film, with the evil Mrs. Dingle constantly popping up to challenge the three students who dare to argue her decisions. With a little of Nine to Five, a lot of pontificating by Helen Mirren as Tingle, gullible students, a power hungry teacher, a silly, fat, dumb coach as a lover, a wife who reads the bible, and students who we are supposed to feel sympathy for even when they are wrong on their historical facts.

Contrived and foolish there is little sense of direction.  The film is split right down the middle,  part comedy and part horror so it goes nowhere.  Each situation is overdone and forced.  What could be solved is accelerated by absurd decisions on the part of each character.

With no logical explanation of why she hates Leigh Ann Watson (Katie Holmes), Mrs. Tingle, says it's because she was never able to get out of the local town; but she's a teacher she can go anywhere and teach.  We are expected to believe, Jo Lynn Jordan (Marisa Coughland) and Luke Churner (Barry Watson), the best friends listen to Mrs. Tingle as she spreads her web of distrust among her captors.  Why would anyone trust this monster who holds such disdain for her students.

Mrs. Tingle fails her class.

It is rated PG-13 for vulgar language and some sexual activity.

Teaching Mrs. Tingle


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