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Tarzan and the Lost City

Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers) is the now Tarzan and Jane March plays his spunky Jane.

With his chiseled jaw line and flowing hair, Van Dien is surely the best looking actor to don a loin cloth in a long time, but can he do the job?

He has an athletic body and he's either running barefoot over flora and fauna, or swinging from vines.  However, most of the photography is so close to the action, that it's difficult to tell if he's really moving from tree to tree or not.

The story begins as Lord Greystoke (Tarzan) is about to be married to the lovely Jane.  Just before the ceremony, he feels he has to return to the jungle where he grew up to help his native friends who are being attacked by some greedy men.  They stole a sacred stone which is the key to finding a primitive civilization and treasure and burned their village, so it's Tarzan to the rescue.

The acting is exaggerated and hammy, but it just seems to add to the Saturday matinee feel of it.  The film is old fashioned and good natured and the adults who see this will probably be reminded of action films from their own childhoods.

It's unusual for live action movies to have a PG rating these days, but the violence is so benign and underplayed here, it's appropriate for even the youngest child.

The jungle settings are beautiful and the exotic wild animals and attractive actors make this a fun film for both parents and kids alike.

Tarzan and the Lost City


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