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Sweet November Sweet November

Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves star in another tearjerker about an ill-fated love affair.

A remake of a little known 1968 film with the same title starring Sandy Dennis and Anthony Newley, Theron stars as Sara Deever, a free spirit who picks up a different guy each month and tries to rehabilitate them.

Nelson Moss (Reeves), a workaholic adman is "Mr. November."  At first, he's turned off by her aggressive kookiness, but soon succumbs and moves in with her.  Before you can say "Brooks Brothers," his tailored suits and cell phone are tossed aside and sloppy pants with over-sized T shirts take their place.

Theron does her best with the role.  She's tall, willowy and kind of clumsy.  With her eclectic wardrobe (only a beautiful woman could get away with dressing like she does without being mistaken for a street person) she's a charming eccentric.

Reeves, on the other hand, spends the first half of the film appearing uncomfortable and bored.  He warms up in the second half, but the two stars never seem to connect as a couple.

There are a few romantic moments, but it's difficult to get worked up over a film whose female star has sex with a different guy every month, after a brief introductory meeting.

Sweet November

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