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Suicide Kings

Suicide Kings dies.  The dark comedy begins with interesting situations and characters, but it quickly falls to repetitive bickering among the amateur kidnappers who hope to get $2 million from underworld king Carlo Bartoluccil / Charlie Barrett (Christopher Walken).

Avery Chasten's (Henry Thomas) sister Lisa (Laura Harris) has been kidnapped.  Avery and his friends T.K. (Jeremy Sisto), Max (Scan Patrick Flannery), Brett (Jay Mohr) and Ira (Johnny Galecki) co-conspire to kidnap Carlo and force him to use his influence to free Lisa.

Carlo loses a finger but not his skill as he pits the five young perpetrators against each other by suggesting one of them must be involved in the kidnapping.

The best comedy is delivered by Denis Leary as Lono Vecchio who has just recently purchased a $1,500 pair of shoes and doesn't understand why his wife is upset.  He's the hit man who has compassion for homeless men who wash windshields on the street and no sympathy for those who cross his boss, Carlo.

The idea is intriguing but the execution fails.

It is rated R for violence.

Suicide Kings


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