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Stuck on You
Stuck on You
Starring Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Eva Mendes, Cher, Jack Nicholson (cameo),
Al Pacino (cameo), Meryl Streep (cameo), Jay Leno (cameo)

The Farrelly Brothers use Matt Damon The Bourne Identity and Greg Kinnear Auto Focus in the project that makes Stuck On You a fairly genial comedy this holiday season, at least by their standards.

This comedy of conjoined, non-identical twin brothers has been gestating for over a dozen years, even before Peter and Bobby wrote the wacky hit, Dumb and Dumber.

There are some good gags, but the comedy isn't as endearing as their biggest hit, There's Something About Mary. Nevertheless, Damon and Kinnear stick pretty well to the inspired bits as brothers Bob and Walt. And the directing/writing siblings are nicely helped out by Cher and an un-billed Meryl Streep. The pendulum of their topical outrageous comedy swings to a more satisfying point than Shallow Hal as one gets a feel for a pretty typical life in Martha's Vineyard.

Joined at the hip for some 32 years, Walt is an unprofessional actor doing Truman Capote at the local theater in the play "Tru" with Bob breathing into a paper bag with an anxiety attack. Of course, the problem is that they get into each other's way when it comes to aspirations as Bob figures he has to make it in Hollywood.

Eva Mendes' photogenic April notices the peculiarity of Walt and Bob, empathizing as a struggling actress. Yann Shih is opportunistic in her debut as May Fong, Bob's on-line girlfriend, oblivious to the fact that his brother is with him all the time.

Ninety percent of their shared liver belongs to Bob so an operation is a chance with long odds prospects for the more extroverted Walt. And when Stuck on You looks like it might get funnier, its heartfelt turn doesn't seem fitting.

Still, this road picture gets mileage from the ambitions around making light of such a physical situation. Some good work from the crew comes from the nifty prosthetic work on Damon and Kinnear by Tony Gardiner. Damon is in broader comedic stretches than he's been to date and shares with Kinnear who's already shown a flair for comedy As Good As It Gets, & Nurse Betty. Cher does an admirable send-up of her star status and Streep has fun opposite Kinnear in "Bonnie and Clyde," done as a musical, that helps keep Stuck On You throwing strikes rather than missing the mark.

Stuck on You

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