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Stuart Little

Computermation allows Stuart Little to look real and with the voice of Michael J. Fox he is an endearing E.B. White character.

The silly premise is described effectively by Snowbell the cat (voice of Nathan Lane) "They go for a son and come back with a mouse.  I need a drink."

Mr. and Mrs. Little, Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis, are eccentric enough to consider cross species adoption and they fall in love with little Stuart at the orphanage; they adopt him and he becomes Stuart Little.

Stuart is forced to deal with normal difficulties and joys of being adopted into a new family.  His new brother George (Jonathan Lipnicki) expected a human brother he could play baseball with.  And Snowbell the cat is completely confused.  The beauty of the story however lies in the acceptance by the other Little relatives.  Lead by Uncle Crenshaw (Jeffrey Jones), Aunt Beatrice (Allyce Beasley) and Grandma Estelle (Estelle Getty), they quickly adjust the gifts which are clearly for a human boy to fit the little mouse.

Brother George eventually accepts Stuart and the two work together to build a sailing ship which George will use to challenge the obnoxious kid who usually wins the remote control race.  This time Stuart will be the not so secret weapon toward victory.

Stuart becomes very comfortable at the Little house situated between two skyscrapers, until relatives come to claim him.  Mice, Mr. and Mrs. Stout (voices of Bruno Kirby and Jennifer Tilly) claim to be Stuart's aunt and uncle.  Leaving the Little house Stuart waves from the back seat of his red roadster, a favorite toy.  How the family is reunited is a major part of the film.

Visiting the Little family is pleasant vacation entertainment.

Stuart Little

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