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The Story of Us

If you think back to before Bruce Willis was an action hero, to when he was on TV's Moonlighting, you'll know how good he is at romantic comedy.

With the use of flashbacks, Director Rob Reiner follows Ben (Willis) and Katie Jordan's (Michelle Pfeiffer) 15 year marriage.  Although, they're not having huge problems, the couple just isn't communicating anymore and the fighting, slammed doors and silences between them makes it impossible to come to terms with their mutual unhappiness.

The easiest thing for them to do is to separate.  So when their two kids leave for summer camp, Ben moves out of the house while they decide whether or not to divorce.

From their first date, to the births of their children to the present, the character's hairstyles and fashions change with the times.  Pfeiffer looks young and fresh no matter which age she's portraying, while Willis looks middle aged throughout.

Rob Reiner, Rita Wilson and Paul Reiser play friends of the Jordans and, along with a string of psychiatrists, act as the couple's sounding board.

Willis is especially good when he lets his guard down and is vulnerable, while Pfeiffer is a bundle of believable emotions.

The Story of Us is a mixture of laughs, tears, sorrow and joy; very much like a marriage.

It is rated R for frank sexual talk.

The Story of Us

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