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Stay Tuned

For two stars who have made their fame and fortune on television, it's fitting that they should be in a film to make fun of T.V. addicts.

John Ritter and Pam Dawber star as the Knables, an unhappy, bickering couple.  He sits in front of the T.V. for hours at a time, which irritates his wife to no end.  After one of their big fights, she blows
up and smashes his television set to smithereens.  This sets the stage for Satan, in the guise of "Spike" (Jeffrey Jones), to show up to sell him a super, 666 channel big screen "hell vision" with a huge satellite dish to go along with it.

The Knables are sucked into the dish and are trapped for 24 hours in T.V. land.  Their kids turn on the tube and find Mom and Dad as cartoon characters.  They jump from program to program, appearing on "Northern Overexposure", a western, and as a pro wrestling team.  Ritter even plays rock star Prince in a music video and on the set of "Three's Company".

The quick changes of costumes, characters and sets and the manic pace is fun for a while, but the one joke theme runs thin after the first couple of T.V. shows.  Don't look for this movie to play in re-runs.

Stay Tuned

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