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Split Second

A popular theme in futuristic films is that the earth will be in a sad ecological state.

London in the year 2008 has rising tides, pollution, floods and rats running rampant - the result of global warming.  Fitting nicely into this chaotic atmosphere is Detecfive Stone (Rutger Hauer), a neurotic paranoid, who arms himself to the hilt.  He's after a serial killer who merdered his partner two years before and has returned to kill again.  Stone isassigned a new partner, Dick Durkin (Neil Duncan), an Oxford graduate who's new to the job.

This story has been done to death; hardened veteran cop teams up with a nerdy rookie to get the bad guy who's killed the vet's partner.

Hauer, who appears to have graduated from the Don Corleone School of Acting, mumbles, grunts and groans his lines.  The blood is lavishly spread over the walls at crime scenes and each mutilated body is shown in detail.  Even the bad guy is a disappointment, he's a rip off of the Aliens creature.

Kim Cattrall plays Stone's girlfriend.  Her entire role is made up of at least three separate scenes where she's screaming behind a closed bathroom door.

This film is so bad, it's hard to believe that it ever made it to the screen - unfortunately for the viewer, it did!

It is rated R for language and violence.

Split Second


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