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Tired of alien movies where earthlings are portrayed as manipulated dummies?  Well, you might want to skip this one, because the creature outsmarts them all, one by one.

Dustin Hoffman plays psychologist Dr. Norman Goodman.  The Navy brings him in to study an alien spacecraft that crashed 300 years ago into the depths of the Pacific.

Goodman had written a report during the Bush administration whereby he envisioned a stellar team including himself that would be put together to study just such a phenomenon.

Peter Coyote plays a Naval officer in charge of the underwater station.  He gathers Sharon Stone as a biochemist, Samuel L. Jackson as a mathematician and Liev Schreiber as an astrophysicist, along with Goodman as the report suggests.

Once the team is on the underwater station and learning diving techniques, Goodman confesses that the report was written just for the $35,000 he got for compiling the data, and perhaps they are in over their heads, as is the unsuspecting audience.

The characters endlessly discuss the alien craft and the huge gold sphere that's inside it.

Soon the station's power and computer systems are taken over by a very chatty presence that communicates through the computer screen.  The alien is happy at first, but then gets frustrated with the crew and says he is going to kill them all.

The beginning of the film promises a good science fiction thriller, but soon gets bogged down. When the humans are attacked by giant squids, snakes and jelly fish and we have to figure out if it's real, or just their imagination we've already lost interest.

This film proves that a talented cast can't rise above a real sinker.



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