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Species II

More about sex than science fiction or horror Species II revolts more than arouses.

It is the alien species that ruined Mars by using up the resources and causing the planet to become barren.  With a scientist who is not smart enough not to stick his fingers in blood samples starting it off, the offspring of two astronauts who return from Mars with blood that is infested with alien genes run rampent having sex as often as possible to create a new hoard of "species".  The gestation period is about two minutes, sex with the sex starved space man will result in great rapture, instant pregnancy and immediate birth.

The violence is significantly graphic and disturbing, its pattern is sex, at times unwanted, screaming, sudden swelling of the woman's stomach, tentacles protruding from her body and a tearing sudden birth through her stomach.

Technically the film deserves credit and it does create tension, its mission however misses the mark.

It is rated R for graphic violence and sex.

Species II


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