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Sorority Boys

Sorority Boys

In yet another recycling of the nerds get even theme, Sorority Boys show that some things should be just left in the trash.

Mixed with cute little names like Kappa Omicron Kappa or KOK (pronounced "cock") as the party hard fraternity, the ugly girl sorority Delta Omega Gamma or DOG as the KOK crew calls them, and the Tri-Pies are the cheerleader / pretty girl sorority.  This is the only new piece to this film.  The tormenting of the “DOGS”, the promise of great jobs for delivering a KOKtail cruise to KOK graduates regardless of ability, and the ultimate moral and politically correct ending are all formula used before.

This is no Animal House or even Revenge of the Nerds (well maybe Revenge #3) as they had a story, characters you liked and originality!  Sorority Girls is just a rip off of those films.

The story in short is one of three boys being expelled from the KOK crew for a theft they did not commit.  In hopes of clearing there “good” reputation, they end joining the DOG's.  While the idea of a drag story is cute, these players do not make passable girls and the sisters don't even question some oddly male traits.  There is a cute shower scene, an erotic “lesbian” scene, but nothing more to offer.  If you think you will see a lot of T & A, guess again: a couple of T's and one A.  Disappointing to say the least.  As for the drag, so many opportunities slipped past - nothing but crude and obvious visual gags are used.

Featuring Barry Watson, Harland Williams, Michael Rosenbaum and Melissa Sagemiller, this film is destined for a short run; even teens today are well versed enough to know that is just recycled garbage.

Sorority Boys

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