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Snow Day Snow Day

The fourth film from the folks at Nickelodeon, Snow Day is the first attempt at directing by Chris Koch.  It is unfortunate that the film never gets off the ground.

In what had the possibilities of being another Ferris Buellers Day Off, the mix of humor and messages is trying to keep the usual audience of Nickelodeon films happy while trying to reach out to an older, perhaps former, Nickelodeon crowd.  The use of passing gas as humor is used over and over and over again, while letting many other situations dissolve without any "comment" and, for a more "mature" audience, it gets old fast.

The cast is a great combination of old and new alike.  Mark Webber as Hal Brandson, given a better script, could be a teen heart throb, while his costar Emmanuelle Chriqui, as Claire Bonner, is sufficient eye candy to keep teens glued to the screen.  Had Koch used Chevy Chase and the wonderful physical humor he is capable of to full potential, the adults and young teens would have had a much better show.  Chase is by far the best of the film and you truly feel for him.  Chris Elliott as the evil snow plow man, does a fair job, but ends up over acting and destroying what he had built to the finish.

The story is lost and the message, if there was one, never makes it to the surface.  This movie deserves a remake and could perhaps become the winter film for kids if done properly.  Let's forget about the teen hormones and focus on the thrill of a Snow Day; we all remember how sweet they were, how much we were going to do; and we truly miss them.  If Nickelodeon wants to deal with teen emotions, sexual tensions, a 15 year old with the body of a woman, it should have made two separate movies and gone after each target audience separately, rather than subject kids to views they should not understand yet and not bore teens with juvenile humor.

Snow Day

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