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Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Dan Ackroyd, River Phoenix, Davi Straithairn and Ben Kingsley

Rated: PG-13  For language and violence.
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: September 9, 1992 Released by: Universal Studios, Inc.

Robert Redford stars in this slick, entertaining film about a group of computer wizards.

Sidney Poitier, Dan Ackroyd, River Phoenix, David Staithairn and Redford play a group of misfit, high-tech experts who run a security consulting firm.

Two men from the National Security Agency contact Martin Bishop (Redford) and use information they've dug up about his past to persuade him to steal a device that cracks security codes.

Bishop and his cohorts have no problem stealing the device from a math professor, only to have it stolen from them by an uptight psychopath, played by Ben Kingsley, who sports Italian suits and a sleek ponytail.

The best part of the film is when Bishop and his boys use their computer knowledge and surveillance equipment, packed into the back of their van, to help him break into Kingsley's top-secret headquarters.

Each member of Bishop's team has a different quirk. Ackroyd plays an obsessive antiestablishment security expert, Poitier plays an ex-CIA agent with a temper, Staithairn plays a blind computer whiz who can fine-tune the smallest noise, Phoenix plays the requisite nerdy young guy, and Mary McDonnell (Dances With Wolves) plays Bishop's ex-girlfriend who doesn't want to get involved with him again. Between them, there are plenty of sparks as they bicker, fool one another and finally use their electronic genius to foil the bad guy,

Redford's handsome face carries some deep lines and the blond hair has grayed, but he still possesses a boyish and likable charm, and it's great to see Poitier again, he seems to solidify any film he appears in.

Director Phil Alden Robinson (Field of Dreams) mixes comedy and high-tech action in a truly enjoyable film.

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