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The Snapper

The "snapper", short for whippersnapper, is the local Dublin slang for a new baby.  And that is precisely what the Curley family awaits in this new comedy from Ireland.

Sharon Curley is 20-years old, unmarried and living at home with her five squabbling siblings when she discovers that she is pregnant.  Since she is unwilling to name the father, the neighbors in the working-class district of present-day Dublin where she lives are driven to speculate on who it could be.  I was touched by the warmth and intimacy of this quirky family.  Tina Kellegher as Sharon Curley and Colm Meaney as her father, Dessie, are both wonderful.

The film is adapted by Roddy Doyle from his novel, one of the Barrytown trilogy, which also includes The Commitments.  There is much to laugh at and admire in the way the Curley's handle the idea and, finally, the birth, of "the snapper".

The Snapper


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