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The Skulls The Skulls

It is unfortunate that this great and timely premise turns into a mediocre thriller.  Joshua Jackson (TV's Dawson's Creek) stars as Luke, a "townie" at a prestigious college.  Luke's only hope of pursuing his dream of law school is in his acceptance into a secret society called the Skulls.  This society is obviously based on Yale's infamous Skull & Bones Society.  Both the real society and the Skulls are said to have the leaders and shakers of the world as their members.

The thrust of the society is one of secrecy, silence and loyalty to the point of death.  While Luke's admission to the Skulls is a cute piece of writing, the story really ends there.  The problems arising from Luke's inability to discuss his membership with his best friends, Will (Hill Harper of Too Deep and He Got Game) and Chloe (Leslie Bibb of Private Parts and TV's Popular).  This manifests in that Will is a journalism major who wants to get the story on the skulls and the potential love between Luke and Chloe.

Now the heart of the story revolves around a death that by Skull rules must never be spoken of.  The dilemma to reveal the truth and risk all he seeks is never fully explored.  The film The Lords of Discipline did a better job in that area.  There are a couple of odd twists and equally odd characters involved, but the plot never gets in high gear.

Craig T. Nelson and Paul Walker star as father and son, both of which are Skull members and deeply involved in the murder, the cover-up and the silencing of Luke.  The best character is Senator Ames Levritt (William Peterson of To Live and Die in L.A.) who you never really know how to take - does he want to help Luke?  Does he want Luke to do his dirty work?  Is Luke his sacrifice to the Skulls?  Even in the end you're not sure!

While much of this movie is predictable, you are left with an interesting scene where Luke stands his ground and walks away, never knowing the ultimate fate of his future.  Still, this is a very enjoyable film to watch.

The Skulls

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