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Six Days, Seven Nights

At its best, Six Days, Seven Nights is Move Over, Darling, My Favorite Wife, and The African Queen all rolled into one.  The limited script, with nowhere to go, limits its success.

Frank Martin (David Schwimmer) invites his girlfriend Robin Monroe (Anne Heche) to a six day and seven night vacation in the South Pacific.  The romantic vacation hints of disaster when the young couple boards a weather beaten old plane owned and piloted by Quinn Harris (Harrison Ford).  After arriving safely on their isolated island, Robin is called to a special assignment which requires a second trip on Harris' troubled plane.  In a storm they crash land on a deserted island.

Once on the island, Heche shows her stuff.  She is sensual, sexy, bright and funny.  She gives a sensational performance as an assured, confident business woman who is not about to admit she admires and eventually is seriously attracted to a rough coarse man's man who is considerably older than she is.  She steals the film with her smart, snappy remarks and her natural relaxed sensuality.  At the same time, Ford is perfect as the incompatible man whom she can't resist.

The adventure is unimportant as the relationship is everything.  More like a film from the past, it is the banter and the chemistry between the two stars that carries the story.  Two very different people trapped on a tropical island learn to rely on each other and eventually opposites attract.

Heche's performance makes the film worth watching.  A better script could have made it a classic.

Six Days, Seven Nights


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