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The Situation

Connie Nielsen

Rated: No rating 
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: April 27, 2007 Released by: Shadow Distribution

An undecisive drama that puts one in the Iraq quagmire is The Situation, which stars photogenic Danish actress Connie Nielsen (Ice Harvest, After the Wedding).

The escalation of the conflict's brutality is witnessed by Nielsen's U.S. reporter Anna. Especially when an Iraqi friend is executed and even an Iraqi boy unable to protect himself. One notices the collision of U.S. troops and the insurgents, as loyalties become divided.

Gritty, documentary realism is unconvincingly rendered, due mainly to a script which lacks focus, given the journalistic approach. Nielsen does her best to bring gravity to the events in a country that now is asking U.S. troops to withdraw. But, there's little characterization in this fictionalized version of those really trying to build hope and democracy from a no-man's chaotic land. Dire possibilities are impressed upon those like a photographer, one looking to relocate to Australia, and American intelligence personnel.

Regrettable, if well-intentioned, The Situation is hardly effective in getting at the main source of tension. Thus, the barbarism and anti-war element swirling around a thriller with some romantic underpinnings is something of an anomaly.

  Frank Chris Tony Jim Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
The Situation       C       C

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