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The Sitter

The Sitter
Jonah Hill, Sam Rocwell, Ari Graynor, Jessica Hecht, Max Records and Kevin Hermandez

Rated: R 
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: December 9, 2011 Released by: Twentieth Century Fox

A hearty, headstrong Jonah Hill (before his substantial weight-loss) makes this new vulgar, cliche-ridden comedy by an unambitious David Gordon Green (see his Pineapple Express but not Your Highness) more bearable than it has any right to be.
The Sitter set mainly in the Big Apple also costars Sam Rockwell and Boston native and Trinity College graduate Ari Graynor, and is rather ridiculous and messy that should find favor with those looking for a succinct raunchy romp.
Hill's Noah can't get off the couch at home with university life not agreeing with him (Noah is a less troubled sort than what Hill displayed opposite John C. Reilly and Marisa Tomei in the low-budgeted Cyrus). Noah is manipulated by Graynor's Marisa in a "relationship" as the slender storyline is propelled by an increasingly complicated drug transaction for her.
However, this occurs after the insouciant, occasionally good-natured layabout does a favor for his mother (Jessica Hecht) so she could enjoy a blind date night that gives the movie its name. He'll have some problems at first with the kids he has to watch - Max Records, as the confused Slater, Landry Bender's cutie-pie aspiring socialite Blithe, and newly adopted pyrotechnic-minded Rodrigo, an amusing Kevin Hernandez. Of course, a decent wise-guy like Noah will impart some his "wisdom" to his disparate charges while gaining a modicum of self-understanding, particular in a maudlin moment with Slater.
To provide the score for Marisa, Noah's trip (different from the one Hill had with Russell Brand in Get Him To The Greek but outrageous enough) to the bustling includes a crazy drug dealer Karl (Sam Rockwell) who marks his friends and has bare-chested brawny fellows surrounding him. Noah has enough nicety about him that Hill embraces throughout the incessant crudeness and lowbrow quality of the line readings to come out on top. Yes, an actor who provided strong support in Moneyball can still show how good he is (by his aplomb between the sweet and crudity) with the kind of drollness that could reach the conscience of a few. When Noah should be gunned down by Karl's minions and is in a tight, really dark position you know The Sitter revels in the absurdity of its set pieces. But, having to sit through this kind of familiar, lively schtick is probably less arduous than many blind dates.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
The Sitter  D      C            C      C- 

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