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Sister Act

Bette Midler was supposed to star in this Disney comedy, but when she turned it down, they revamped the script a little and hired Whoopi Goldberg.

It turned out to be a great decision.  Whoopi is terrific as Dolores Van Cartier, a Reno lounge singer in her mobster boyfriend Vince's casino.  Dolores is forced to go into hiding when she witnesses Vince (Harvey Kietel) knocking off his chauffeur.

The police, who've been trying to put Vince away for years, hide Dolores in a small convent until she can testify.  Disguised as a nun, she disrupts everything.  She brings a taste for change and adventure to the sheltered nuns, much to the dismay of Mother Superior (Maggie Smith), who puts Dolores in charge of their off-key choir, as a last resort.

Dolores turns the nuns into the most entertaining singers since the "Singing Nun" hit the charts.  Their jazzy, upbeat singing fills the little church to capacity and incites the congregation to boisterous ovations, which also spills over to the movie audience.

Whoopi is wonderful as the bouffant-haired, brassy singer, but newcomer Kathy Najimy steals the show.  She's a delight as Sister Mary Patrick, full of life and happy-go-lucky.  Watching her alone is worth the price of admission.

The script puts a new and lively twist to an old story.  Whoopi and her nuns join to make the funniest film of the year.  It's a real winner!

Sister Act

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