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Single White Female

Hedy Carlson (Jennifer Jason Leigh) arrives at Allie Jones' (Bridget Fonda) apartment when Allie is at her neediest.  Her boyfriend, Sam Rawson (Steven Webber) has been unfaithful and she does not like being alone.  Hedy needs to be wanted by someone and the two hit it off quickly and well.

Hedy is a surviving half of a set of twins and she lacks confidence, just the opposite of articulate, professional and successful Allie.  They share their lives for a short period of time but when Sam returns to the nest serious trouble begins.

The stars perform best when the two women first live together.  The early scenes show two people who are comfortable with each other and relaxed.  Director Barbet Schroeder may have missed the mark with this film but there is no evidence of a careless production.  He clearly attempted to make a quality film.  There is a constant atmosphere of sexuality in the film and the two women slip in and out of their clothing as they would in the situations they play.  Schroeder probably demanded more nudity then was necessary to make his point.  The final confrontation is a little better than average but predictable - force wins.  A better conclusion could have been one driven by cunning and intelligence.

In a weak summer for films this may be OK.

It is rated R for violence and nudity.

Single White Female

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