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Shanghai Noon Shanghai Noon

The story is one told many times before: evil outcast kidnaps princess, demands reward, unlikely hero saves the day while facing countless dangers and villains.

In any other film, I'd say it was a pretty boring story line - not here.

In the tradition of Jackie Chan's movies, Shanghai Noon delivers some impressive fight scenes, but surprisingly it is an even more impressive comedy!

Owen Wilson (Armageddon) costars as Roy O'Bannon, a want-to-be train robber and gun slinger and delivers a role worthy of belly laughs amidst the fights.  Jackie Chan is the baggage boy turned hero Chon Wang.  Combine these two with Roger Yuan (Lethal Weapon 4) as the out cast villain, Lucy Lui (Ally McBeal) As the Princess Pei Pei, Xander Berkley (Amistad) as the gun for hire / sheriff Van Cleef and you have a superb cast.  Now add new comer Brandon Merril as "the Indian wife" and you have yet another point of comic relief.

While traveling to "save" the princess, Chan and Wilson find themselves in a variety of fights which turn comical and there are many scenes that you can not help but laugh aloud.  One such scene is a brothel where Chan and Wilson are bathing - this is comic genius.

A surprising "star" is Chan's horse - more of a dog by behavior and a real cutup on camera.

Don't expect great acting here; do expect to be entertained; be prepared laugh and enjoy one of the better Chan films to date.

Shanghai Noon

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