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Shanghai Knights

Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson return in an energetic sequel to their 200 comedy adventure, Shanghai Noon.

Chon Wang (Chan) is now a Nevada sheriff whose father is killed in China while guarding the Great Seal of China.  A sinister Englishman who is 10th in line to the royal throne steals the precious Seal and returns to England.

Chon's beautiful sister Lin (Fann Wong) contacts him and then follows the killer to London to avenge her father's death.

Needing money to pay for his trip abroad, Chan goes to New York to hitch up with old pal Roy O'Bannon (Wilson).  He finds him gambling, drinking and hanging out with a number of gorgeous women.  But Roy leaves it all behind to go to England with his friend.

Every setting is a new opportunity to display Chan's considerable martial arts skills.  Whether it's a revolving door, a stack of teetering boxes, or a clock tower, he is spectacularly entertaining with his choreographed feats.  Especially enjoyable is a fight with some English pickpockets using an umbrella in a homage to Gene Kelly's Singing in the Rain.  He's truly a one-of-a-kind talent.

Wang also does her share of fighting, but she is more graceful and ballet-like than the rough and tumble style of Chan.

Wilson, an easy-going actor with a wide smile, works well with Chan.  They bicker, call each other names, but underneath it all, you believe that they are really friends.

I enjoyed the London setting with the actors running through Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussauds and Whitechapel.  I also liked the lively soundtrack and the way some real life characters pop up periodically to add to the fun.  But, mostly Chan's unbelievable stunts and Wilson's exuberance made this sequel every bit as enjoyable as the original.

Shanghai Knights

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