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Senseless makes sense.  It is an ascent into the work force, becoming an adult film with comfortable interracial relationships, some silly comedy and a few comical stereotypes.

Darryl Witherspoon (Marlon Wayans) is a brilliant economics student who must earn enough money to support his single mom, younger brothers and sisters as well as pay his way through college.  He is determined to win the prestigious Smythe-Bates Junior Analyst Competition which will give him a starting salary of $60,000.  His major competition is Scott Thorpe (Dave Spade) who has all the credentials and a wealthy family to help him.  Thorpe is also obnoxious and treats Darryl with contempt.  As Darryl is rejected by Thorpe's fraternity, Thorpe leads in a chant mocking Witherspoon.  "Darryl, Darryl, Darryl, Darryl" they shout as the rejected hero leaves the frat house.  Red Sox fans will remember when Darryl Strawberry was similarly mocked by Red Sox fans during the fifth game of the World Series and that Strawberry and the Mets eventually got the last laugh by winning the World Series.  Witherspoon is also on track to have the last laugh.

Darryl's ambition and need for funds lead him to Dr. Wheedon (Brad Dourif) who offers $3000 to take part in the testing of a new potion which enhances the senses of sight, hearing, feeling, smelling and touching.  The experiment places Darryl in the driver's seat for the new job, because he can hear what others are saying and read from great distances.  Other senses like smell are used just for the comedy.  The catch occurs when Darryl takes an overdose and his senses shut off one by one.  It also causes him to lose control of his tongue and one of his legs, leading to the best scenes in the film.

Director Penelope Spheeris has created an atmosphere filled with believable comedy and major characters whom are easy to relate to and to like.

Rip Torn is perfect as the corporate head, as is Tamara Taylor as the beautiful, sensible young woman whom Darryl falls in love with.

Even though he is silly, Darryl is a kid who makes us laugh and one whom a parent would be proud of.

It is rated R for sexual situations and language.



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