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See Spot Run See Spot Run

Bringing together a mail carrier, a little boy with no father, a sexy young neighbor, a crime fighting dog and Michael Clarke Duncan has not guaranteed a great film, but it does provide some solid laughs and a series of snickers that kids will love and parents can appreciate.

US mail carrier Gordon (David Arquette) becomes a commando on Bleeker Street where he faces a series of deliveries at homes with dogs.  He has modest success with the dogs, but when it comes to his neighbor Stephanie (Leslie Bibb) he's back in Never Been Kissed territory.  Arquette's Gordon is one of those thirty something guys who spends his time watching sports on TV and eating junk food.  Responsibility is not on his plate.  It takes a mix-up for Stephanie to leave her son, James (Angus T. Jones) in Gordon's care while she attends a short business meeting.

Meanwhile, Michael Clarke Duncan's FBI Agent Murdoch has nothing to do with mice as he did in The Green Mile Here he is fully bonded with Canine Agent 11 who is dubbed "Spot" by James when he runs from the bad guys and seeks refuge in Gordon's postal truck.  The villains lead by Sonny Talia (Paul Sorvino) are determined to kill Spot after the dog sniffed out a drug buy and bit off part of Sonny's reproductive equipment.

Arquette, who moves like Disney's Goofy, learned maneuvers from a clown at the "Cirque Du Soleil" and takes very effective prat falls over food, fish tank water and dog droppings.  His Gordon is a decent but limited guy who understands James' need for a father because he grew up an orphan.  When Stephanie's trip turns into an extended disaster filled with water and mud splashes all over her very proper dress the two males begin to bond together over Fruit Loops and the mutt.

The ending is easy to anticipate.  It's the journey, which loosens up the sexy Stephanie, matures Gordon, shows little James how to have fun, allows Spot to romp in the real world and shows Agent Murdoch that an attractive female agent can replace the dog, that gives us something unusual: a film which every member of the family can enjoy.

See Spot Run

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