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See No Evil

See No Evil
Kane, Christina Vidal, Samantha Noble, Luke Pegler and Michael J. Pagan

Rated: R 
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: May 19, 2006 Released by: Lions Gate Films

Why would characters held in an old abandoned hotel bang at the ceiling with a sledge hammer, when there's already dust falling down to the floor? It's because this formula film wants to make the ugly, dark tapestry just a little more gruesome. Even the keepers of these on the edge supposed teens are a little over the edge and of course it doesn't matter because all three will not make it to the credits.

The old hotel feels like the "Tower of Terror" at Disney's MGM studio in Florida but it is far more nasty, bloody and sexy. The usual eye peeping through a small hole in the wall allows visual access to view the extensive tattoos that cover the body of one of the women, which we get to see along with psycho hermit Jacob Goodnight (Kane). The rats and bugs also come out to play from time to time and we are treated to jars of popped out eyes in formaldehyde. Some guys like legs - Jacob likes eyes. As his mother taught him "the eyes are to windows of the soul." So as he wanders the secret hallways watching we learn that a girl with tattoos is safe from death, but her eyes may go. Jacob is set into action when the bells ring and even dogs get revenge as they help with the killing.

In the flashbacks Jacob is seen in cages because he must pay for his behavior which includes fondling himself and looking at Playboy Magazine. So the slaughter is all Hugh Hefner's fault. Jacob Goodnight has been seriously abused and is taking it out on the young set, of not so perfect citizens, who are setup to be his playthings.

Visiting the Blackwell Hotel is a dreary slaughter that lacks any sense of surprise or scares, which means there are only two reasons to see this film, to see blood and guts and a few rear ends.

  Frank Chris Tony Jim Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
See No Evil D+   C   F     D+

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