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Scream 3 Scream 3

A video left by a character who died in the first Scream film explains that a trilogy means that all bets are off and that the audience should expect anything to happen in the third installment.

Neve Campbell returns as the main character, Sidney, who was pursued by the masked killer in the fist two Scream films.  She's so afraid of being found she has moved to an isolated cabin in the woods where she answers the phone for an abuse hotline.

The action has been moved to Hollywood where a director, played by Lance Henricksen, is filming Stab 3, the story of Sidney and her murdered mother.  But the actors on the sound set are being killed off in the same order as the script depicts.

Courtney Cox Arquette returns as TV journalist Gale Weathers and Parker Posey portrays Gale in the film within a film.  She does a funny take off on the ambitious reporter.

Courtney's real life husband David Arquette, who reprises his role as the bumbling policeman, is technical adviser on Stab 3 and with security guards like him it's no wonder that no one is safe on the set.

It wouldn't be a Wes Craven slasher movie without a stabbing every 10 minutes or so.  Of course the killer is helped a bit by the actors who enter dark rooms by themselves carrying only their cell phones for protection.  The phone's sole use appears to be so the killer can be in constant contact with them, because they are never used to call the police.

Although it doesn't offer any surprises, Scream 3 does have attractive young stars (Patrick Dempsey plays a cop and Jenny McCarthy has a small role), some needed comic relief and, by giving some reason behind the killings, ties up the trilogy nicely.

It is rated R for violence and language.

Scream 3

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