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Scream 2 Scream 2

Before the title even appears on screen, the body count begins piling up in Wes Craven's newest thriller.

Neve Campbell as one of the teens who survived the original film is now in college and having a difficult time forgetting her harrowing experiences.  Especially since a copy cat slasher has begun killing students in a nearby frat house.

Courteney Cox is back as the ambitious TV reporter.   She has written a best selling book on the murders and shows up on campus hoping to get enough material for a second book.

Mixed in with the thrills, there's some witty dialogue and amusing characters.  The young cast is good although Campbell's character is one dimensional.  The script by Kevin Williamson is clever and has a couple of really good scares in it.

Whoever came up with the intriguing marketing strategy of releasing Scream during the Christmas holidays is hoping for a repeat performance.  From the enthusiastic response of the audience, made up mostly of teenagers, it appears that Scream 2 will also be a resounding success.

Scream 2

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