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Scary Movie 3

As we have come to expect from the Scary Movie franchise, the third installment is full of parodies of other films.  The real problem here is that most if not all of them die on screen.

With cameos from Pamela Anderson, Julie McCarthy and Queen Latifah to name a few, the film does garner a laugh here and there but this is not the laugh fest that the original was.  With 8 Mile, The Ring, Signs, The Matrix and The Others clipped and snipped here, the story never really plays out.  I know this is not serious film making, but this one simply made to make money in its first week before the public discovers the best parts (if you can call them that) are the teasers you see on TV or before another movie.

While the original Scary Movie was ground breaking in many ways, director David Zucker seems to have forgotten his Airplane and Kentucky Fried Movie background as he attempts to string together what come off as random scenes and poorly played sight gags.  What may be the case here is that this type of satire has become over played and any originality has long been used.

The scariest thought to come from Scary Movie 3 is that we are likely to see this franchise follow the Halloween films in that we'll get ten or so of them before Hollywood gives up and finally figures out that they are truly not funny anymore.

Scary Movie 3

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