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Scary Movie 2

Scary Movie 2

Brilliant!  Better than the original!  Truly ground breaking!  You won't believe your eyes!

Of all the above descriptions, the last is the only one to believe.  You'll not believe your eyes or ears in this miserable excuse of a sequel.  What is delivered here is an attempt to capitalize on the original Scary Movie and plunder the public for profits.

While the opening scene that lampoons one of horrors most scary movies, The Exorcist, the balance of the film is trite and confused.  Loosely based on The Haunting, director Keenen Ivory Wayans tries to tie a story together via brief skits.  Taking shots at Charlie's Angels, Hannibal, TV's Weakest Link and the new Nike ads, this film delivers few laughs but lots of moans.

With much of the original cast aboard, including cutie Anna Faris as Cindy, Marlon Wayans as stoner Shorty and Shawn Wayans as the possibly gay Ray, we are greeted with Tim Curry as the demented college professor and Torri Spelling as the college tramp.  With all this talent, exclude Spelling, and you should have a great time, but instead you are let to roam the corridors of your mind as this film fails to deliver humor, story or even comedy.

The only thing "scary" about Scary Movie 2 is what you pay to see it.

Scary Movie 2

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