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Scary Movie Scary Movie

Move over Farrelly brothers (There's Something About Mary and Me, Myself and Irene) the Wayans' have moved in on your territory and have grossed you out.

I thought I had seen everything before, but boy was I wrong!  Shawn and Marion Wayans (who co-wrote with six others) star and big brother Keenen Ivory directs this spoof of teen slasher and other popular films.

The main story is taken from Scream, but pieces from The Matrix, The Sixth Sense, The Usual Suspects and I Know What You Did Last Summer are also represented.

High school students (played by actors in their 20's and 30's) are being murdered one by one by a masked killer amid an unending stream of sex, gay and drug gags.

Sometimes gross scenes can be very entertaining, but just because it is outrageous and over the top, doesn't necessarily mean it's funny.

The only character that is remotely humorous is the killer.  The funniest scene has him squatting behind a sofa in the female lead's living room.  He calls her on his cell phone and says that he's hiding somewhere in the house.  But she tells him that she knows where he is because his feet are sticking out from behind the sofa.  Unfortunately, this bit is being used in the trailers on T.V. (probably because it's the one scene that isn't sexually explicit), so it lessens its punch.

Every type of character that usually appears in teen slasher movies shows up here.  There's the virginal female star, the air head beauty queen, the sheriff who doesn't have a clue, the pushy female reporter, the handsome jock and the sexy beauty that is the killer's first victim.

Scary Movie would have worked better as a straight satire.  There's enough in the slasher genre to poke fun at without resorting to a barrage of raucous sex scenes.

I was surprised that the Wayans' material was so blatantly raunchy, because the few times that I tuned into their T.V. series, In Living Color, I found it innovative and funny.  There is a fine line between irreverence and tastelessness and in my opinion, the brothers crossed it.

Scary Movie

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