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Sacred Planet

Starring Robert Redford, Arapata McKay, Tsaan Ciqae,
Cy Peck Jr., Mutang Urud, Mae Tui

Sacred Planet gives us a 45 minute trip on the giant IMAX screen, to a number of incredible locations around the planet. The 70MM print generates a feeling of intimate participation by the audience in the locations and Robert Redford’s narration polishes it off.

Directed and edited by, John Long who does not resort to action to thrill the audience but carries us to the locations on the Earth that are naturally stunning and beautiful with a warning that caution is needed to maintain and preserve these pristine locations.

Director of Photography, William Reeve and his unit must take credit for brilliant camera locations which shoot the images of the Sacred Planet.

 But Sacred Planet moves too quickly from place to place, a more gentle and probing of less locations would have been more enjoyable and satisfying. At the same time each of the locations is worthy of note.

Perhaps the step waterfalls in Thailand with sun light breaking through the jungle canopy are the most impressive images displayed. We feel the need to walk through the water and climb the stair like formation to the large falls. The jungle in Borneo and the coast of British Columbia and Alaska filled with blue-green icebergs and whales rival the images of flamingos flying over dunes on the coast of Namibia, Africa.

Long compares the busy bustling life at LAX to the natural locations which dominate his film, clearly promoting and preferring the rural spectacular to the streets of great cities.

Sacred Planet is a refreshing journey to real locations that are spellbind on the blue marble.

Sacred Planet

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