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The Rundown

The Rundown

Pro wrestler Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. "The Rock," embodies all of the required equipment needed to be a bonafide action hero.

Chiseled cheek bones, a buff body and enough lightning fast karate moves to bring down an army of bad guys, makes The Rock the perfect choice for this type of film.

In this hard-hitting action/comedy, he plays Beck, a "retrieval expert," who works for an ornery crook getting paid for bringing back whatever his boss wants.  Sometimes it's money and sometimes people.

In the opening scene, his job is to get fifty thousand dollars from a famous quarterback who's welched on a bet.  The problem is that the guy is partying in a club along with his teams' linebackers.  Although, the odds are against Beck, he takes care of them with ease.

His next assignment isn't so easy.  He is sent to the Brazilian forest to bring back his boss' son Travis (Sean William Scott).

The errant son thinks he has discovered an artifact that will bring him great wealth, so he has no intention of going back to the U.S.

Beck meets up with the reluctant Travis and handcuffs him, but the two get involved in all sorts of strange and dangerous predicaments along the way.  Screeching monkeys attack, a tribe of murderous rebels chase them, a fall from one of the highest peaks that a character has ever fallen from and a battle with the local bad guy (Christopher Walken) to top things off.

Hatcher (Walken) owns the town, the local mine and all of the natives that work there, and he would like the pricey artifact for himself, so he sends his thugs to track down Beck and Travis.

Scott plays the annoying sidekick who gives The Rock a chance to come up with some snappy one-liners (all with his famous arched eyebrow for emphasis).  Walken, as usual, plays the off-kilter, oddball killer.  He always has to have one strange monologue where if you had any doubt about how weird his character really is when he opens his mouth we are sure.  Here he rants incomprehensibly about the tooth fairy to the Natives, and although no one has a clue about what he's talking about, he's still good for laughs!

There's little plot, but plenty of hard-hitting action, some bone-crushing stunts and a new heir apparent to the Schwarzenegger mantle is born.

The Rundown

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