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Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride is the first reteaming of Richard Gere, Julia Robert and Director, Garry Marshall since their 1990 hit, Pretty Woman.

Gere plays Ike Graham, a cynical New York journalist who writes a column about Maggie (Roberts), a small town girl who leaves her would be grooms at the altar time after time.

She works in her father's Maryland hardware store, and is about to embark on another trek down the aisle, and Graham shows up to document her expected bolt from wedding number four.

Much to Maggie's dismay, the townspeople, including her own family, warm up to Graham as he moves into a local hotel to monitor her every activity.  He eats dinner with her family, attends softball games with her friends and even interviews her old boyfriends.

The small town is a terrific setting.  An old residential hotel with a barbershop quartet singing outside, a cramped, messy hardware store and a vinyl encrusted beauty salon are right out of the 1950's.

The story is a familiar one, a comedy that has the main characters bickering at the beginning of the film and before you know it, they've fallen in love.   The romance here, however, is a cut above, because Roberts and Gere have so much charisma and they actually seem very fond of one another.

Roberts is at her best when she's flirty and playful and Gere is very comfortable with this character.  They are a very attractive pair.

A talented supporting cast consists of Paul Dooley as Maggie's father, Hector Elizondo as Graham's friend and the irrepressible Joan Cusack is Maggie's best friend.

Maybe this talented trio won't wait as long before getting together again - because Runaway Bride is a lot of fun and a great date film.

Runaway Bride


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