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Rugrats in Paris Rugrats in Paris

The Rugrats tear up Paris while on a delightful trip with Stu Pickles who is summoned to Euroreptarland to repair his Reptar dinosaur invention.

The expression of life from babies' point of view which is TV's top rated show for kids aged 2 to eleven, is again on the big screen, this time in an adventure that has Chuckie Finster searching for a new mom in the romantic French city.

The innocent, destructive activity of the crawling Rugrats begins on the flight to Paris where they cause luggage to fall from overhead and food to be splashed throughout the cabin.  They arrive in a Paris that has a new Japanese theme park called Euroreptarland which is managed by Coco LaBouche (Susan Sarandon), "The mouth," who must marry into a family to climb up in the Japanese corporation.  LaBouche sets her sights on Chuckie's father but Chuckie has already selected Kira Watanabe, LaBouche's secretary, to be his new mother and her daughter Kimi to be his new sister, and a new Rugrat.

The new Euroreptarland sits on the outskirts of Paris and towers over the traditional architecture of the city.  The Reptar dinosaur which Chas Finster must repair becomes a tool in the hands of the Rugrats as they move to help Chuckie get the mom he wants.  While the kids and parents head for a wedding Spike the dog chases a poodle and has dinner with her just as Lady and the Tramp enjoyed an Italian meal.

Laced with interesting characters from the view of the babies, they comment that the Sumo Singers are big babies with diapers.  Rugrats in Paris is a delightful, gentle journey filled with silly adventure and warm emotional events.  Hooray for the Rugrats, Oui Oui.

Rugrats in Paris

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