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Matt Damon, the talented young actor from Good Will Hunting, stars as a New York law student and card shark.

After losing his tuition money at high stakes poker, Mike (Damon) swears off playing cards.  He takes a night job making deliveries and buckles down to his studies.

But, the promise he makes to himself and girlfriend (Gretchen Mol) to clean up his act is quickly forgotten when an old gambling buddy is released from prison.

Worm (Edward Norton), a fast-talking trouble maker, soon lures Mike back to the dingy basement parlors that they once frequented together.

The thrill of the win hooks both men, but it's Worm, the more reckless of the two, who gets them in big trouble.  He builds up a hefty loss to the Russian mob and Mike has to win enough to save them from the thugs.

John Malkovich plays a Russian mobster who runs a poker den.  His character is quirky and his accent is strange, but as always, his performance holds your attention.

Some good acting adds to an interesting story about the seedy gambling underworld.

It is rated R for language and violence.



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