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The Replacements

The Replacements, staring Keanu Reeves, comes up short on 4th and a long shot.  This newest vehicle to star Reeves fumbles its way through 80 minutes of slapstick style humor and poor acting.

The short of the story is that professional football players go on strike near the end of the regular season.  Determined to complete the season, teams recruit replacement players...thus the name.

Reeves is the new star quarterback with a shaky past.  Adding to the new squad are Gene Hackman as the coach, Orlando Jones as the butter fingered running back, Ace Yonamine as a Sumo wrestler turned lineman, Jon Favreau as the tackle happy cop and both John Madden and Pat Summerall as themselves.  It is odd to say, but Madden delivers a better character that Reeves and the “psyco-cop” of Jon Favreau is the sole shining light of this film.

This film is notNorth Dallas Forty or even The Longest Yard, it more of a Major League turned football story.  One can only hope that casting Brooke Langton as the love interest of Reeves was to serve as more than eye candy, but that is all she and her cast of former lap dancers/strippers turned cheerleaders offer up.  There are moments when a thread of genuine humor appears as they distract not only the opposition but also the refs.  But in general The Replacements gets sacked.

The Replacements

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