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Reign of Fire

Reign of Fire

Finally Hollywood got a dragon film right!

Reign of Fire is a film about man versus dragon; this is a tale told in myths and legends with a brand new twist.  It seems that the demise of the dinosaurs was not due to climate change or meteor, it was dragons!  These beasts hunt, kill and destroy anything they can convert to ash for food and then go dormant until a new food supply can support them again.  In this case millions of years.

During a huge construction project in London, the alpha male of the species is awakened and soon the entire planet is under siege of these magnificent beasts.  Soon only a handful of humans and other animals survive and the dragons are fast running out of food.

The dragons are not the only ones running out of food and time.  A small band of English residents have banded together in a makeshift castle and are trying to simply survive.  The true oddity of this tale is that their leader Quinn (Christian Bale) saw the first dragon released as his mother supervised the project that set it free and in the process lost her life saving his.  This band of misfits has managed to grow food, get water and keep a small assortment of farm stock and to hide from these monsters.

Yes, monsters!  Unlike so many other dragon films, these dragons are depicted as huge, smart, aggressive and yet beautifully graceful creatures.  These dragons will hunt you, they will kill you, they will eat you and they will find where you came from and destroy it and those you might have kept company with.  Man has nothing when it comes to destroying an enemy compared to the dragons.

Next to enter the scene is a band of American dragon hunters led by a cocky and determined soldier named Van Zan (Matthew McConaughey).  Knowing that his enemy is dedicated to the elimination of anything in its path and devouring everything it can.  Van Zan plans to attack what is believed to be the only male dragon living and thus killing the race at the seed.

Setting up the first dragon of the film, you see that these beasts don't hide and ambush you, they come at you head on, no fear, only grace, power and destruction.  It is this arrogance, if you will, that allows for the kill and ultimately mankind to survive.

To say more would ruin the ending, but know that this is a kick ass, take no prisoners kind of film.  There is gore, violence and yet a taste of humanity that is missing in so many films today.  Credit director Rob Bowman (The X-Files) with this delivery and a tale worthy of all the dragon legends and lore.

See this one on the big screen as the special effects are second to none and, as always, look for me in the back row three seats in as I know I will see this one a second time!

Reign of Fire

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