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The Recruit

The Recruit

Al Pacino and Colin Farrell star in this super new spy thriller filled with twists and turns.

CIA instructor Walter Burke (Pacino) selects young MIT grad and computer-whiz, James Clayton (Farrell) as the perfect candidate to recruit for the CIA.

After a series of psychological and intelligence tests, Clayton joins a group of smart young men and women eager to get a coveted slot in the Company.  They're put through the paces learning how to conduct surveillance, how to withstand days of torture and learning not to trust anyone, because as Burke tells them, "nothing is what it seems."

Clayton bonds with fellow trainee, Layla Moore (Bridget Moynahan - The Sum of All Fears), but when every move is monitored, the two take a while to connect.   In fact, their first embrace is during the few seconds that elapse when a closed circuit camera turns away in a parking garage.

Pacino is the epitome of a weary life-long government worker.  Brash, demanding and continually disheveled, he barks orders and commands respect.  As his recruit, Farrell is loaded with charisma.  His dark puppy dog eyes and brooding personality are perfect for the young trainee who's in over his head.

The first half of the film is especially interesting.  Learning about the spy training along with the recruits at the "Farm" gives quite an insight into the rigors of the job.  The center is stark and has the feel of a huge warehouse fitted with secret rooms and two-way mirrors.

The film takes us into the intense, grueling and secret life of those involved in the espionage game.  It's a lonely life consisting of lies and false identities.  But, those very things are exactly what make this thriller so good; you're always left guessing.

The Recruit

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