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The Real Cancun

The Real Cancun

A reality-movie for those unable to experience the real thing, The Real Cancun makes for some Spring Break partying for flustered college students.

Rick DeOliveira's film follows the approach of Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray, the producers of the small-screen's "The Real World."

DeOliveira has six camera crews following nearly two dozens revelers around the important parties and clubs which should please those who want to see more than is shown on the MTV Spring Break specials.

They'll have some fun with what happens when copious amounts of liquor are consumed while chasing the opposite sex.  Alan Taylor loses his "good boy" image to an extent when he takes a tequila plunge - his first binge into alcohol.  Of course, some young women will have their hearts broken when the guys they think are attracted to them drift to some other hotties.

All in all, The Real Cancun has a cool, hung over feeling to it, but film making and screen presence doesn't serenade the audience as it should.  This mirthful escape to warmth is a quickie (shooting just wrapped a month ago) into reality that may seem extreme for some and not hard-core enough for others.  It is the kind of break that will spring some hormones into action.

The Real Cancun

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